Star Wars

E3 2019 Predictions: Electronic Arts

E3 is just around the corner so I thought It’d be a great Idea to put my two cents in on what will be announced/revealed by each company. First up is EA because I would never pass up the opportunity to shit on them.

Here’s what I’m expecting from them

Lying about Jedi: Fallen Order. EA has been singing (or incoherently howling) from the rooftops about their next (and possibly final) marquee Star Wars release. After how poorly Battlefront II did you can bet they’ll spend at least an hour of their conference making things up about it. They will probably show a demo that’ll look extra snazzy as it’ll either beĀ  pre-rendered or, if it’s in game, running on a super-computer generating enough heat to fry an egg. In addition they will probably make all sorts of claims about “dynamic gameplay” or “reactionary worlds” or other long-winded jargon that doesn’t really mean anything. It will also be revealed that there will be 37 different pre-order packages for the game’s Holiday 2020 release date.

Next up is the next Battlefield which will definitely be called Battlefield 1942. With the next Call of Duty being Modern Warfare it only makes sense that EA would also go with they “Hey there you liked this game so were going to pretend this is the same thing” approach.

They’ll also talk about indie games for a few seconds.

Finally they’ll try to convince us that Andrew Wilson is not a lizardman. Lies