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Why Are Games With Reversible Covers So Awesome?

In the 20+ years I’ve been playing video games I noticed something. That almost every game I’ve played that has a reversible cover has been shockingly good and I always wanted to know why. My best guess is that a reversible cover represents a sense of pride. It is a sign that the team who made it actually cared about the project and were willing to put in the extra effort. After all, a reversible cover has no impact on the game and only creates more work for the team.

Now, I could be waaaaay off and the only reason reversible covers exist is because the team couldn’t decide between two cover designs so they decided to use both. Since I can’t think of a way to end this here’s a list of games with reversible covers you should check out.

Xenoblade Chronicles- one of the greatest Jrpgs of the 2010s. It has an amazing score and an art style that still looks good nearly 10 years later.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2- A sorta-sequel to Xenoblade that despite having a story that’s about 20 hours too long and a dollar-store shounen paragon for a protagonist was still an incredible experience thanks to an amazing score and gorgeous art style.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Boasting a huge roster, excellent gameplay, and all the Tekken weirdness you can handle it was one of the best fighting games of the 7th generation and the best Tekken game until Tekken 7. It also has the masterclass in game composition that is “High School Love”.

Gundam Dynasty Warriors 3: it’s Dynasty Warriors with a hilariously nonsensical story and an impressive variety of mobile suits.  In addition it manages to be a better ZZ than the actual ZZ (man I hate ZZ).

DOOM (2016): You get to punch demons so hard they explode

Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild: It’s good



The Ideal Goblin Slayer Game

Despite it being a story of one man’s quest to only do sidequests Goblin Slayer has the potential to have a really good game.  Here are some ideas I had ordered by how likely they are.

Exploitative mobile game: no effort + get money=yay

Monster Hunter Clone-  Monster Hunter clones are cheap and not overly difficult to make. Create five maps, have players kill gobs, done.

Soulslike- The game play of the Souls-franchise would fit Goblin Slayer perfectly. It’s slow, methodical nature and brutal difficulty would mirror how he isn’t all that strong and relies on tactics to win.

Witcher 3-esque- The style I would most want to see. The Witcher 3 was a really good dark fantasy and its game play and aesthetic  would blend well with the twisted world of Goblin Slayer. It would also be a great way to add depth to the series’ bland world. In addition the consequences of accepting certain quests over others and the impact it has on the world would be a great touch.

This is the style least likely to happen as it would require an enormous amount of time and effort to get the polish required to make it work. Which is way more effort than any studio would allow for a cash-in.

Final note: No matter what kind of game is made there needs to be a superboss battle against Doom Guy (The Doomslayer)



A How To Guide on Making Food From Your Favorite Series

  1. re-watch the episode(s) it’s in
  2. find a video guide online
  3. be confused by the names of half of the ingredients
  4. go buy them
  5. realize you can’t find most of them because you live nowhere near an Asian market
  6. find the nearest one
  7. find out it’s in the middle of a lake
  8. hesitate going because you don’t have the canoe needed to reach it
  9. find canoe
  10. use canoe
  11. find ingredients
  12. be shocked by the price
  13. buy them anyway
  14. go home
  15. do the prep work
  16. start cooking
  17. cook for 30 minutes
  18. realize you skipped three steps
  19. lie to yourself that it’s no big deal
  20. realize it’s a big deal
  21. fall into despair
  22. finish cooking it
  23. see that it has become inedible
  24. eat it anyway because it was expensive
  25.  say “that wasn’t so bad”!
  26. realize it was that bad
  27. get food poisoning
  28. regret your decision
  29. pass out
  30. come to
  31. say you’ll never do that again
  32. do it again
  33. do it right
  34. feel accomplished
  35. return the canoe


The Best-Worst Gundam Series Idea Ever

One day, I was hanging out with my brother talking smack about Gundam. Why? Because we love it. You see, We’ve been watching Gundam for a long time and are jaded with the the whole “war is bad” thing. After talking about why we’re so tired of it we decided to come up with ideas on how to fix the franchise. After talking about some reasonable ideas things, as they often do when we talk about anime, got a little out of hand. After coming up with progressively weirder ideas we found it, the holy grail of dumb, a harem series.

Here’s how it would play out:

  1. All of the girls are anthropomorphized mobile suits. One of which is also a Cyber-Newtype.
  2. Except for one who’s basically Char. It’s not Gundam without a Char-clone.
  3. It takes place in modern day Japan. None of that Universal Century stuff.
  4. Lots of References.
  5. The protagonist is an anthropomorphized version of “war is bad” (we couldn’t pass it up).


Get on it Sunrise

Every Yugioh Series in A Small(ish) Amount of Words

One of my favorite guilty pleasures are the different Yugioh series they’re usually pretty bad but their nonsensical nature makes them kind of entertaining and after watching at least part of each series I decided to summarize some part of it

Season Zero: It happens

Duel Monsters: Creepy Walt Disney sells death game to children

GX: *Early 2000s intensifies*

5DS: Card games on Motorcycles leads to a surprisingly great and disturbing final season

Zexel: NOpe

Arc-V: Guy gets too good at children’s card game, forgets not to create multiple dimensions/cause genocide; possibly directed By Hideki Anno

Vrains: Child suffers through horrific experiment; gets revenge via card games. Definitely directed by Hideki Anno

Man Panicking After Realizing He Didn’t Use Enough Chips For His Nachos

Raleigh, NC — A local man is quickly trying to find a solution after realizing he ran out chips for his nachos. “I should’ve known better”,  ” I was so focused on the other toppings I neglected most important part”.

“I’ve tried to get creative, overloading the few chips I have , but it’s not enough. Even worse, these were the last in the bag as well so most of them are crumbs”.

“I’m so embarrassed, I mean what am I going to tell my wife”? “How will she react when she find out how much of an idiot I am”?

Truly a tragedy