The Ideal Goblin Slayer Game

Despite it being a story of one man’s quest to only do sidequests Goblin Slayer has the potential to have a really good game.  Here are some ideas I had ordered by how likely they are.

Exploitative mobile game: no effort + get money=yay

Monster Hunter Clone-  Monster Hunter clones are cheap and not overly difficult to make. Create five maps, have players kill gobs, done.

Soulslike- The game play of the Souls-franchise would fit Goblin Slayer perfectly. It’s slow, methodical nature and brutal difficulty would mirror how he isn’t all that strong and relies on tactics to win.

Witcher 3-esque- The style I would most want to see. The Witcher 3 was a really good dark fantasy and its game play and aesthetic  would blend well with the twisted world of Goblin Slayer. It would also be a great way to add depth to the series’ bland world. In addition the consequences of accepting certain quests over others and the impact it has on the world would be a great touch.

This is the style least likely to happen as it would require an enormous amount of time and effort to get the polish required to make it work. Which is way more effort than any studio would allow for a cash-in.

Final note: No matter what kind of game is made there needs to be a superboss battle against Doom Guy (The Doomslayer)



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