Retailers to Accept Kidneys as Payment For That Sweet Anime Merch

Let’s face it anime merch is cool. There’s nothing like having 47 figurines of your waifu/husbando to tell the world that you are a man/woman of culture. However, there’s a downside to promoting your proud association to this glorious master race: that stuff’s expensive! When the best way to pay for a really cool figurine is to take out a loan with an interest rate so high it would make a sleazy used car salesman blush, there might be a problem. Luckily the industry agrees, and multiple sites have started have started giving people the choice to use their kidneys as a valid form of payment. An example of one such piece of merch is listed below.

Lala Yukata

Also accepted: the love and respect of your family


Well….that’s all I had



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