Childhood Friend Doesn’t Get Why She Had to Be Here

We’ve all had that one thing we couldn’t get out of. A pointless obligation we were forced to attend because not going would forever mark us as an ungrateful person who had the audacity to enjoy their life.

Such is the case with harem protagonist C+-‘s childhood friend Orange. “I don’t know why I’m here”. “He’s done nothing but ignore me since we were kids. I don’t even like him that much, I only became his friend out of pity. You’d be surprised¬† how hard it is for someone to make friends when they’re basically the physical manifestation of oatmeal.

I know I owe him for the time he performed CPR on my pet tuna, and the popularity of the series is great for my career but…I had to pass up starring in a mecha series for this. Now, instead of being a badass mech pilot, I get to spend 23 episodes chasing this bag of air around. I mean, yeah it’s cool the show’s being filmed on an island and the beautiful views are great for bragging to my Instagram followers. But I could’ve gone to space, and space is way cooler.

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