With Rent Prices Soaring Cat Moves Into Banana

It’s no secret rent is outrageous but what can we do? we all need a place to live, right? One cat said “fuck that” and moved into a banana. when asked why he said: “It’s ridiculous”. “I was working two full-time jobs paying $1000 a month for an apartment slightly larger than a galley kitchen”. When asked why he chose a banana as his choice of housing he said “it seemed like the best option”, “it’s cozy, has lots of character, and it’s portable too”. “I think it will let me to really live the way I want to”. The cat, who has since changed his name to, Bananya still has no concrete plans as to what he’ll do when he moves into his new home. “I’ll probably retire, argue with the narrator, and bounce around”.


Post 100 Part 1: Post 99-The Excusening

Today’s my birthday and to celebrate this annual occasion I thought having my 100th post…posted would be a nifty thing. However, my idea reservoirs are dry at and the government relief funding I applied for is “being processed” (i.e. never coming) so I figured I’d write whatever and hope it works. While I think of something to talk about enjoy this video I found 12 years ago. Also, spoiler in the caption.

Nothing like having fresh breath when being forced to pilot your mom

It was at this point I realized Ididn’t really have anything so I’ll see you in Post 100 Part II: The actual 100th Post

Remember the golden rule of driving in snow: don’t

Retailers to Accept Kidneys as Payment For That Sweet Anime Merch

Let’s face it anime merch is cool. There’s nothing like having 47 figurines of your waifu/husbando to tell the world that you are a man/woman of culture. However, there’s a downside to promoting your proud association to this glorious master race: that stuff’s expensive! When the best way to pay for a really cool figurine is to take out a loan with an interest rate so high it would make a sleazy used car salesman blush, there might be a problem. Luckily the industry agrees, and multiple sites have started have started giving people the choice to use their kidneys as a valid form of payment. An example of one such piece of merch is listed below.

Lala Yukata

Also accepted: the love and respect of your family


Well….that’s all I had



Childhood Friend Doesn’t Get Why She Had to Be Here

We’ve all had that one thing we couldn’t get out of. A pointless obligation we were forced to attend because not going would forever mark us as an ungrateful person who had the audacity to enjoy their life.

Such is the case with harem protagonist C+-‘s childhood friend Orange. “I don’t know why I’m here”. “He’s done nothing but ignore me since we were kids. I don’t even like him that much, I only became his friend out of pity. You’d be surprised  how hard it is for someone to make friends when they’re basically the physical manifestation of oatmeal.

I know I owe him for the time he performed CPR on my pet tuna, and the popularity of the series is great for my career but…I had to pass up starring in a mecha series for this. Now, instead of being a badass mech pilot, I get to spend 23 episodes chasing this bag of air around. I mean, yeah it’s cool the show’s being filmed on an island and the beautiful views are great for bragging to my Instagram followers. But I could’ve gone to space, and space is way cooler.

The Best-Worst Gundam Series Idea Ever

One day, I was hanging out with my brother talking smack about Gundam. Why? Because we love it. You see, We’ve been watching Gundam for a long time and are jaded with the the whole “war is bad” thing. After talking about why we’re so tired of it we decided to come up with ideas on how to fix the franchise. After talking about some reasonable ideas things, as they often do when we talk about anime, got a little out of hand. After coming up with progressively weirder ideas we found it, the holy grail of dumb, a harem series.

Here’s how it would play out:

  1. All of the girls are anthropomorphized mobile suits. One of which is also a Cyber-Newtype.
  2. Except for one who’s basically Char. It’s not Gundam without a Char-clone.
  3. It takes place in modern day Japan. None of that Universal Century stuff.
  4. Lots of References.
  5. The protagonist is an anthropomorphized version of “war is bad” (we couldn’t pass it up).


Get on it Sunrise

Satired of Anime is One Year Old Today! Sort of.

Today is the one year anniversary of Satired of Anime! Well, sort of. Today is the one year anniversary of me posting stuff. The actual one year anniversary was like three weeks ago, but I didn’t feel like celebrating “Conglaturations on clicking Create Account” Day. Here’s what you can expect in the coming year:

  • More content (hopefully)
  • Better Content (possibly)
  • Different Types of Content (Don’t know what yet)
  • Me knowing what I’m doing (not a chance)


OK time to be serious. Thank you to everyone who has supported this blog over the past year. You’ve made a wayward goofball very happy.

Here’s to another year of laughs!

Satired of Anime

Idol Worship Recognized as Religion by U.N.

Is anyone really surprised? After several years and hundreds of thousands of petitions Idol worship Idolism has been accepted by the United Nations. as an official religion. As a result its name has been changed to Idolism because it needs to sound somewhat professional. When asked why they agreed to accept it Deputy Chancellor thrice-removed Sandwich Samuelson stated “why not”? “I mean we accepted Jedism, so I don’t see why we shouldn’t let Idolism be accepted too”. Iron-clad logic.

I’ve got nothing else so that’s it

Protagonist is Pretty Sure This Isn’t the Final Form

It’s been murmured that local antagonist, Spooky Mcbadman, recently achieved his 26th transformation and spent several episodes boasting about the “unlimited power” of his new form gave him; however, intrepid protagonist, Goodguy Jones, wasn’t convinced. “I’m pretty sure this isn’t the last one” When asked why he replied “because the battle’s only been going for 30 episodes” “there’s no way he’d break out his final form this soon”. I think he’s right about that, the form just looks like a weird bug with claws, not very imposing if you ask me. Oh well, here’s to three more seasons!